The long awaited Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g R2 is now available

After a long delay OWB 10g R2 (previously known as Paris) has finally been released for production and can be downloaded from OTN. OWB 10g R2 will not be packaged with the Oracle Development Suite as was the case with release 1 but will now be found packaged with the Oracle Database products (from release 10g R2 database). So if you’re looking to download OWB 10g R2 make sure you look in the Database Suite of products and NOT in the Development Suite.

OWB 10gR2 is available for the following OS:

  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit and AMD64/EM64T)
  • Linux x86 and x86-64
  • Solaris (SPARC 64-bit)
  • HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit)
  • AIX5L Based Systems

The licensing/pricing of OWB 10g R2 has changed substantially. OWB has now been split-up into four modules: – “Core ETL” features, “Enterprise ETL” option, “Data Quality” option and “ERP/CRM connectors”. The good news is that the Core ETL Features are shipped free with the Oracle 10g R2 database Standard Edition, Standard Edition One and Enterprise Edition.

OWB 10G R2 Modules

What does one get with each of these modules?

“Core ETL” Features (FREE with Oracle 10g R2 database)

  • All features as found in 10gR1 (excluding SAP connector) PLUS
  • Non-Oracle Targets
  • Graphical Data Object Editor
  • Data Viewers (Relations and Dimensional)
  • Fiscal Time Dimensions incl. Data Loaders
  • Integrated MOB*Plus Client
  • Asynchronous Job Deployment
  • User-defined Data Types
  • XML Data Types
  • XDB Support
  • Simplified (unified) RepositoryRight-Mouse Deployment
  • New Editor Framework
  • Dimension Import
  • Dimension Roles
  • AWXML (Analytic Workspace XML)
  • Surrogate key Management
  • Improved Match-Merge Functionality

Enterprise ETL option – $10 000 per CPU (only Available with Enterprise Edition)

  • Transportable Tablespaces
  • Data Pump
  • Target load Ordering
  • Design-Time Repository installed on RAC
  • User-defined Objects, Relationships and Modules
  • XML File as Target
  • BI Beans Generation
  • Discoverer EUL direct deployment
  • Advanced Process Flow Functionality
  • Activity Templates
  • Looping
  • Notifications

Data Quality option – $15 000 per CPU (only Available with Enterprise Edition)

  • Discoverer Data Anomalies
  • Identify Data Rules
  • Auto-correction of Data Anomalies
  • Audit ETL Jobs

ERP/CRM connectors– $20 000 per Connector (only Available with Enterprise Edition)

  • Extraction from ERP/CRM Sources
  • ORACLE E-Business Suite
  • PeoplesoftSAP

In the past few months I have been fortunate enough to use the OWB 10g R2 (beta 4) and I found it a pleasure to work with. The ease with which one can add “Slowly Changing Dimensions” to a Dimension and also the ease of creating OLAP (both ROLAP and MOLAP) objects are fantastic. It’s a vast improvement on the previous releases, far easier to use and you’re able to achieves results quickly and effectively. For more information visit the OTN Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g web page.


  1. antonio romero April 25, 2007
  2. Lucas Jellema May 24, 2006