Re-establishing reference from Vagrant to VirtualBox VM image

Re-establishing reference from Vagrant to VirtualBox VM

Stress in the middle to demo preparation: Vagrant refused to bring up my suspended VMs. The message is wrote:

D:\GitHub\biemond-orawls-vagrant-12.1.3-infra-soa>vagrant resume soa2admin2
==> soa2admin2: VM not created. Moving on…

After some Googling I discovered that the link between Vagrant and my VM consists of a the file called “id” in the subfolder


This file contains nothing but UUID used by VirtualBox to identify the VM.

Unfortunately, this file was missing (not sure why).

It is fairly easy to restore.

First, find out the required UUID, using the management tools for Virtual Box; in the home directory for Virtual Box, I sued this command to list all VMs and their UUID values:

VBoxManage list vms


Now I can create the file



using the UUID learned from VBoxManage.

After restoring this file, I can start the VM as wanted and expected:


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