The Oracle PaaS Portfolio - The Platform is Coming Together (reporting from Oracle OpenWorld 2016) OOW2016 PaaS1

The Oracle PaaS Portfolio – The Platform is Coming Together (reporting from Oracle OpenWorld 2016)

OOW2016-PaaS(1)The Oracle PaaS Cloud has matured over the last year from little more than premature product offerings and somewhat incoherent grand visions, to real products and a quickly emerging comprehensive cloud architecture.


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The PaaS Service Manager offers a fabric that provides many generic functions – patching, logging, notification, scaling etc. – to all PaaS services. Besides, generic capabilities are identified across the PaaS platform – such as user and identity management, browser based user interface composition, event pub/sub, API documentation, document & digital asset management, sending SMS Text Messages or push notifications to mobile devices, interacting across chat channels – and exposed as microservices for reuse across various cloud services This will prevent inconsistencies in such capabilities across cloud services and waste of development resources by reinventing that same wheel over and over again.

Many of the cloud services have moved beyond slides and an introductory web page and are now really available or on the verge of being launched. Some services and PaaS capabilities have been outlined but are not yet ready for immediate action. And availability of the Generation 2 Data Centers for running robust, scalable IaaS – the foundation for the PaaS products – with highly automated operations is a sine qua non for real production readiness for most Platform services.

On the one hand we are seeing an acceleration in the functionality offered by many PaaS services while at the same time their on-premises are lagging behind. It is clear where the focus is and where the resource at Oracle are. The innovation rippling through the cloud services – and the teams responsible for realizing these services – is starting to benefit customers. Quick release cycles are becoming the norm; quarterly – or even more frequent – upgrades of managed cloud services, introducing valuable new functionality.

The next overview shows the PaaS services and indicates which exist today (November 2016) and which will be released before the end of Oracle’s Fiscal Year in May 2017.


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