Runtime version of Node on Oracle Application Container Cloud (0.12 vs. 6.9.1) – easy single click upgrade

Lucas Jellema

Yesterday, I create a new application on Oracle Application Container Cloud. The application type is Node (fka Node.js), so the container type I had created was Node – rather than PHP or Java SE, the other two options currently available to me. I was a little dismayed to learn that the runtime Node version that my container was created with was (still) 0.12.17. I had assumed that by now ACCS would have moved to a more recent version of Node.

Today, after a little closer inspection, I realized that upgrading the runtime [version of Node] is actually very simple to do on ACCS. Go to the Administration tab in the application overview.


Two later versions for the Node runtime are listed – 4.6.1 and 6.9.1. Now we are talking! I can simply click on the Update button to have the runtime upgraded. I can then choose between the fast update, with some brief downtime, or the rolling upgrade that will not affect the service of my application – and take longer to complete.


I click on Restart. The UI informs me of the current action:


And I can track the in progress activity:


The overall upgrade took several minutes to complete – somewhat longer still than I had expected. However, it took me not more effort than clicking a button. And it did not impact my consumers. All in all, pretty smooth. And now I am on v6.9.1, which is pretty up to date.

I am not sure whether during the initial creation of the application I had the option to start out with this recent version of Node, rather than the fairly old v0.12 that was now provisioned initially. If so, I missed it completely. Then it should be made more obvious. If I did not get the choice, then I believe that a missed opportunity that Oracle may want to add to this cloud service.

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