Publishing applications to Application Container Cloud Service from Oracle Storage Cloud

Lucas Jellema

This weekend, while preparing for a demo during Oracle OpenWorld 2016, I found a for me new way of publishing a new [version of an] application to Application Container Cloud: through Storage Cloud. The application archive – zip or tar – can be stored on Storage Cloud and the deployment to ACCS can be performed from Storage Cloud. I am not yet sure if this makes for a better automated workflow. What it does give me for now is an automatic backup of the application archive – it lives on Storage Cloud after having been deployed.

The steps I go through (using CloudBerry as file explorer on top of Storage Cloud – see this article for details):

1. Copy Application Archive to Storage Cloud:



2. Use the Cloud storage path option in the upload dialog, as shown in the figure:

Note: during the session of the ACCS Service Console, this setting is retained. So you need to type it (copy/paste it) only once – for next deployments it will be available.



3. Press Apply Edits to actually start the processing of the new application archive



4. ACCS starts reinitializing the application based on the application archive on Storage Cloud.

Redeployment can still take over a minute for a relatively simple application – this route via Storage Cloud does not remedy that.


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