Meeting people at J-Spring

On Thursday, June 15, the Netherlands Java Users Group (NL-JUG) organised the first of two yearly meetings, this one called J-Spring. I had the privilage to do a presentation on the API, about which another blog will follow. At J-Spring I met Netbeans’ Geertjan Wielenga. Geertjan had previously written […]

Single Sign On in UIX applications

In my current project I was asked to investigate the possibility of implementing a Single Sign On solution for a couple of Oracle UIX web applications I am implementing. A little investigation showed that all users login to their PCs using a “domain\user” username and a password. Our customer would […]

Third AJAX article published by IBM

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Recently, IBM released two articles about AJAX on their website, called Mastering AJAX, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax and Mastering AJAX, Part 2: Make asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax. Now, the third article has been released, called Mastering AJAX, Part 3: Advanced Requests and Responses in Ajax. In this […]

EJB3.0 in Netbeans 5.0

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Over the past few weeks, several articles about EJB3.0 have been published on our weblog. On Thursday, 10 Februari 2006, the author of those articles, Lucas Jellema, presented a workshop about EJB3.0 at AMIS. This workshop contained HOWTOs to get EJB3.0 working in Eclipse and JDeveloper. Using the workshop material […]

Netbeans 5.0 released

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Finally it’s there! Netbeans 5.0 has been released. Including: Project Matisse; completely redesigned support for CVS; support for WebLogic 9, JBoss 4 and Sun Application Server; Struts and Java Server Faces support; new types of refactoring and editor enhancements as well as easy to use tools for quickly extending the […]

Sun and Oracle intensify cooperation

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Last week, Sun and Oracle announced a 20+ year period of more intense cooperation. According to this link Sun and Oracle will forcus on these three main areas: Collaboration on Java technology, with Oracle’s continued commitment to Java technology for the next 10 years Oracle’s endorsement of the NetBeans […]

Using cursors in Oracle ADF.

Wouter van Reeven

Generating master-detail relationships in Oracle ADF usually is done using two (or more) View Objects which are linked together via a View Link. In a stand-alone application, getting the details for each master row can be a tedious task. First, the next row in the master View Object needs to […] 2.0 released

Wouter van Reeven

“ 2.0 Is Here” it says on the website. Over the past weeks I have been using Beta and RCs and I am really impressed by this product. It looks like Sun’s alliance with MicroSoft pays off, since Word documents look better than ever in Way to […]

Upgrading to JHeadstart

Wouter van Reeven

Recently I started on a project that was partly built with JHeadstart 10.1.2 on JDeveloper 10.1.2 (build 1811). Since JHeadstart contains so many new features and JDeveloper 10.1.2 (build 1913) was released containing several bug fixes, we decided to upgrade to these new versions and continue developing from there. […]

JFall 2005

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On oktober 12, 2005, a few of my colleagues and me attended JFall, the second Java conference this year organised by NL-JUG, the Netherlands Java User’s Group. Like JSpring, the first Java conference organised by NL-JUG this year, JFall was held in the Reehorst in Ede. It’s a nice location, […]

Java and AJAX

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Philip McCarthy has started a series of articles about implementing AJAX technology in Java applications. The first article is entitled Build dynamic Java applications and has been available since September 20, 2005. On October 04, 2005, the second article, entitled Java object serialization for Ajax was released. It provides details […]

NetBeans 5.0 BETA released

Wouter van Reeven

The NetBeans team announced today the release of NetBeans 5.0 BETA. To download it, visit the NetBeans website, click on Downloads in the menu bar at the top of the page and select “NetBeans IDE 5.0 BETA download”. Internal AMIS employees can install it from the Data share. Please contact […]