KC Contingency Design

Remko Mantel

Last week I have given my first KC presentation within AMIS on the subject of Contingency Design. Some 15 people were present and even 2 outsiders showed up! It proved to be a very interesting evening and apparently this subject caused strong feelings with the contenders, causing lively discussions! In […]

Contingency design

Remko Mantel 3

Contingency design is intercepting and preventing error scenarios. These are situations where website visitors get in trouble, for example on a 404 Error – File Not Found page. It is designing for when things go wrong. It is the process of making sure that when something goes wrong, you inform […]

Web 2.0: social networking

Remko Mantel 5

‘The network is the computer’ is an old saying from the hardware company Sun. What used to be a prediction is now becoming a fact. Internet services are slowly replacing software. People organize and share their lives on new innovating and interactive websites. Soon you will no longer need specific […]