Getting used to Oracle SQL Developer

Patrick Sinke 10

 It took a few months, but I finally start appreciating the Oracle SQL Developer developed by Oracle (The Project Formerly Known As Raptor). There are still some bugs, for instance with debugging through a firewall (hey, didn’t we have the same problem with JDeveloper?) and some features are missing, but […]

Need an Oracle client? Do it instant!

Patrick Sinke 2

Historically, when you wanted to connect to an Oracle database you could not get around downloading and installing a bulky Oracle client. Since 2 years already an alternative exists: Oracle Instant Client. This is the marketingname for a zipfile with all DLL’s necessary for connecting to an Oracle instance. The […]

SVG Viewer for Firefox

Patrick Sinke 8

The Adobe SVG Viewer is a viewer for Scalable Vector Graphics like charts and graphics and, as I found out, is used by Oracle in web-applications. It’s downloadable at Adobe downloads. However, the plugin only works for Internet Explorer. With some minor tweaks it’s possible to make it available under […]