Changing the prompt dynamically in SQL*Plus

Patrick Sinke 6

This is just a simple trick which is not well-known but makes life easier when using the good ol’ SQL*Plus commandprompt (and many people still do!). If you set the SQLPROMPT environment variabele (either manually or in the login.sql)  the standard prompt is replaced by the name of the instance: […]

Getting used to Oracle SQL Developer

Patrick Sinke 10

 It took a few months, but I finally start appreciating the Oracle SQL Developer developed by Oracle (The Project Formerly Known As Raptor). There are still some bugs, for instance with debugging through a firewall (hey, didn’t we have the same problem with JDeveloper?) and some features are missing, but […]

Need an Oracle client? Do it instant!

Patrick Sinke 2

Historically, when you wanted to connect to an Oracle database you could not get around downloading and installing a bulky Oracle client. Since 2 years already an alternative exists: Oracle Instant Client. This is the marketingname for a zipfile with all DLL’s necessary for connecting to an Oracle instance. The […]

Oracle Application Express Roadmap

Patrick Sinke

At the end of january, Oracle announced that Oracle HTML DB was renamed to Oracle Application Express. At the same time they published a roadmap for the next year. This confirms the inside information I had that Oracle takes Application Express serious and keeps developing this development tool. Oracle Application […]

SVG Viewer for Firefox

Patrick Sinke 8

The Adobe SVG Viewer is a viewer for Scalable Vector Graphics like charts and graphics and, as I found out, is used by Oracle in web-applications. It’s downloadable at Adobe downloads. However, the plugin only works for Internet Explorer. With some minor tweaks it’s possible to make it available under […]