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Marco Gralike

A lot is happening here at Oracle Open World, more than my brain can master right now. Exalogic, ZFS storage, Unbreakable Enterprise Linux, Fusion Apps (finally), Oracle VM for Solaris, etc… Some of those topics aren’t that important for me and/or my customers right now, because they are just out […]

Plea for a Little Bit of Help…

Marco Gralike

Hereby my plea for Debra, who is in need for a little bit of help. To finish up here presentation(s) for Oracle Open World see would really like to hear from you, in this case about using Oracle Fusion Middle Ware. So how can you help…??? As Debra Lilley described […]

Call for Papers UKOUG ends on Monday

Marco Gralike

Be aware that the Call for papers for the UKOUG Tech. Conference in December is closing on Monday. ….and yes I know, having Oracle Open World almost opening its doors or The Michigan OakTable Symposium just coming up in the agenda, thinking about stuff in December is a bit strange, […]

External Views (XML based)

Marco Gralike

Something new? Eh? Should you do this? Eh? In all, probably not, but for me this was a good exercise towards some more updated demo scripting for my “Boost your environment with XMLDB” presentation or hopefully more clearer relabeled Oracle Open World name for the almost same presentation called “Interfacing […]

Laatste "Plug" – Cuddly Toys Not Included – Een AMIS Query met Doug Burns

Marco Gralike 2

Donderdag as. is de AMIS Query van Doug Burns over SQL Tuning, gebruikmakend van de Oracle Enterprise Manager (Tuning en Diagnostics pack). Misschien verwachten velen een hoog “DBA” gehalte, maar niets is minder waar… Deze presentatie bevat bijna geen enkele slides en is echt een aanrader om bij te wonen. […]

XFiles – An APEX Community Effort

Marco Gralike

Just so you know, there is an APEX demo app. out there that never has seen the light. The demo application based on Mark Drake’s (Sr. Product Manager Oracle XMLDB)  XFiles xmldb demo application build with Javascript, Java & PL/SQL. Carl Backstrom helpt Mark in 2008 to rebuild the same demo app. into an […]

Worth Seeing – The Pythian OOW09 Diaries

Marco Gralike 2

Oracle Open World, for this year, is done/is a wrap. A good presentation of the atmosphere can be seen on the "The Pythian OOW09 Diaries", on YouTube, were Alex Gorbachev placed a series of interviews he conducted in The OTN Lounge, which as always was a good place to hang out, […]

Oracle Open World XMLDB Sessions and Presentations

Marco Gralike 2

Its time to enlist. It really is. At least regarding the XMLDB related sessions and presentations during Oracle Open World 2009. As far as I have seen today, the hands-on workshop has almost no seats left and more than half already enlisted for my XMLDB New Features and XMLDB Performance related presentation.

Oracle Open World doesn’t have much XMLDB related sessions, until now from the 1800+ sessions, I only counted a dozen or so. If you want to have a peak of the ones I found, have a look at the following Oracle OTN XMLDB Forum thread.

Oracle Open World 2009: XMLDB Presentations and Related Workshops
I enlisted for most, as long as they didn’t interfere with my presentation schedule, if not only that I am very anxious about Mark Drake’s presentations about Google API mashups etc combined with the XMLDB functionality in the database and the, probably extended version of how to build an APEX content management system based on the versioning and filler capabilities of the XMLDB Repository. During OOW 2008, Carl Backstrom, helped and co-presented this APEX/XMLDB joined venture and, alas, this demo app of the XFILES light weight XMLDB CMS, never (at least yet AFAIK) hit the demogrounds or the OTN XMLDB main pages.

read more…

Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – XML Data Partitioning – Part 1

Marco Gralike

  There is a Metalink note (563802.1) that has a very good example how XML data storage, partitioning can be achieved in Oracle version (the first officially supported XMLDB database functionality) and onwards. Partitioning can be used in such XML situations to spread the I/O load and it also […]

Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 – Flash Cache

Marco Gralike 5

I noticed yesterday a new feature that could have the potential to be a small, by me unnoticed, gem called "Flash Cache". I hope someone on the internet, that has tested it, will post his or hers experiences on this… While using DBMS_METADATA: select dbms_metadata.get_ddl(‘TABLE’,’MYDATA’, user) from dual; DBMS_METADATA.GET_DDL(‘TABLE’,’MYDATA’,USER) ——————————————————————————– […]

Oracle 11g Release 2 New Features

Marco Gralike 2

Oracle 11g Release 2 for Linux can now be downloaded via the Oracle Technology Network here: The documentation and whitepapers can be found via the following link: The online manuals are also already online and can be found here: Enjoy all the cool and fun new features like, […]

Dutch Oracle Open World Preview 2009

Marco Gralike

"Almost" Oracle Open World again… AMIS, represented via Peter Ebell, Lucas Jellema and me (Marco Gralike), entered several abstracts for this years Oracle Open World Conference. Probably to our surprise, all of those were honored, and we are in the "luxurious" position to do our best on 7 presentations regarding […]

Oracle Enhances XBRL Reporting Capabilities with UBmatrix, Inc.

Marco Gralike

Oracle posted a press release about their involvement and commitment for UBMatrix XBRL technologies last Wednesday saying (among others):

“To help publicly held companies facilitate the preparation, publishing and automatic exchange of financial statements in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), Oracle will embed UBmatrix, Inc.’s leading XBRL technology into Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System, Oracle announced today.”

“Oracle and UBmatrix are also working together to provide enterprise class storage and management for XBRL-based information in Oracle® Database 11g. Using Oracle Database’s XML DB feature, organizations can easily and quickly store, access and query their XBRL data.”

A lot of you might ask themselves: “Who are or what is UBMatrix ???” and how does it all fit in…


AMIS Query 18 May – Hotsos 2009 Revisited

Marco Gralike

The 8th of March 2009…The Oracle Performance Symposium in Irving, Texas, also known as the Hotsos Symposium was about to start… Four Dutch guys had the luck to attend this year: Jeroen Evers (Fameus), Toon Koppelaars (RuleGen), Gerwin Hendriksen (AMIS) en Marco Gralike (AMIS). We wanted to share some of […]

AMIS Query 18 Mei – Een Terugblik op Hotsos 2009

Marco Gralike 1

Begin maart 2009 werd in Irving, Texas, het internationale Oracle Performance Symposium Hotsos gehouden. Ook dit jaar stond het symposium garant voor inhoudelijke hoogstaande presentaties en discussies over performance. Vier Nederlanders, Jeroen Evers (Fameus), Toon Koppelaars (RuleGen), Gerwin Hendriksen (AMIS) en Marco Gralike (AMIS), hadden het genoegen om ter plekke te […]

UKOUG 2008 – Boost Your Environment With XMLDB

Marco Gralike

For those who are interested, here the presentation and the demo scripts. During the presentation, I made use of an Oracle version database on Windows XP. If using an Windows Vista machine, be aware that you need an extra security update from Microsoft MSDN while using WebDAV. Details are […]

Advert – Meet the Experts – Lucas Jellema

Marco Gralike

If you are in the neighborhood, give yourself a treat to follow one or two of the seminars, my colleague Lucas Jellema will give in the beginning of next year in Taipei, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. The following topics will be dealt with: SOA for Database Professionals with Lucas […]

The "X" Product – An X(ML) Database Opportunity?

Marco Gralike 2

“Exadata – Extreme Performance Warehousing“, that’s how the presentation on the last Friday morning from Oracle Open World started (Orig. Presentation Title was “Oracle’s New Database Accelerator: Query Processing Revolutionized”) while speaking about the new database machine. And indeed it was a revolution and it took the blogosphere by night. […]