ADF 11g: Ode to the Task Flow

Luc Bors 4

Last night we organized the “Ode to the Task Flow” session at AMIS. After a short presentation introducing the Bounded Task Flow it was time for the hands-on lab: “Build your first taskflow”. In this lab many of the attendees created their first taskflow, learning the basics of ADF taskflows. […]

Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client has arrived !

Luc Bors 2

The Technical Preview of ADF Mobile Client now is generally available! Ted Farrell, Chief Architect and Sr. Vice President of Tools and Middleware introduced the latest break-through in mobile application development at the BlackBerry User Conference (WES). ADF Mobile extends Oracle Application Development Framework to mobile users. Using Oracle JDeveloper, […]

JDeveloper Patch Release available on OTN

Luc Bors

I almost forgot that there was life before JDeveloper and ADF 11g…… As of last week, the JDeveloper release is available for download on OTN: Apparently, this release is only a patch release with bugfixes (see for an overview of the fixes in this release) and no […]