XmlHttpRequest – blast from the past or future

In several places XMLHttpRequest sprung up this week. XmlHttpRequest is a JavaScript object allowing browser clients to communicate with a server without refreshing the current page. This object originated from Microsoft, implemented as an ActiveX object. But other browser including mozilla are also supporting it now. Amis already built an […]

Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 Developer Preview is here …

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The Oracle JDeveloper release 10.1.3 Developer preview release can be downloaded from OTN. See JDeveloper Homepage “The Oracle JDeveloper 10g (10.1.3) release adds many new features, including a new look and feel, a greatly improved coding environment, extensive refactoring options, J2EE 1.4/J2SE 5.0 support, and visual JSF development.” I took […]

Toplink 10.1.3 developer preview 3

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On OTN the new Toplink 10.1.3 Developer Preview 3 can be downloaded. See here for a list all the new features . And here for the release notes . Next to numerous bug/feature fixes, I noticed the following highlights when quickly scanning the documents. Object Relational Toplink now uses JDK […]

Ant <war> & <jar> tasks and WinZIP

Leon van Tegelen

Yesterday I ran into some freaky behavior while building a web-application for Tomcat using Ant. In my build script I use the war task. I used WinZIP to check if all files I needed were present in the war file. When I deployed the war file I created on Tomcat, […]

Oracle Open World

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Today I visited Oracle Open World in Amsterdam, here are some of the points I picked up. In the “Oracle Application Server 10g Technical Overview” session David Keene gave an insight into the driving forces behind the AS 10g. Surprisingly this session was not so technical after all, but a […]

HTML Buttons with an image

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In HTML it is possible to define an accesskey for a control. For example if you want to have a button which the user can click using the hot-key alt-p., you can do this with the following HTML <input type=”button” value=”push me” accesskey=”p” onclick=”alert(‘clicked’)”/> It is not possible to underline […]

Formatting HTML forms part II

Leon van Tegelen

After my post on HTML forms yesterday I was fooling around with the fieldset and label tags. Both seem quite usefull! But Internet Explorer is really quite bad at rendering the fieldset. My 4-year old daughter does a better job of coloring inside the lines Mozilla Firefox is much better […]

Formatting HTML forms

Leon van Tegelen

Allthough not earthshaking there is a nice article on the devshed about formatting HTML forms. Click here The highlights for me are the tabindex, the accesskey and the fieldset. In one of our projects we built an HTML application with a lot of data entry. The users quite rightly were […]

The power of CSS at work

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If you want to see the power of Cascading Styles Sheets at work, Check out this site. It randomly generates styles to give the website a new “skin”. Just press “refresh” a few times http://www.strangebanana.com/generator.aspx Another very good site is www.alistapart.com. It provides many CSS based solutions. For example menu’s […]

Reg Exp in Oracle 10g

Last week I installed a 10g database on my laptop. I must say this was by far the easiest installation of an oracle database I ever did. One of the coolest additions I came across so far is the use of Regular Expressions Just some samples: select every record with […]

Pro Jakarta Commons

Title: Pro Jakarta Commons Authors: Harshad Oak Published by: Apress Abstract This book describes in some detail all functionality in the Jakarta Commons components. Jakarta Commons actually is a collection of common tools which were sprung to live during the development of other Jakarta Projects. As the name suggest it […]