New PL/SQL Feature in Oracle 11g: the use of sequence.nextval

Another small new feature in Oracle 11g PL/SQL: you can directly use sequence.nextval (and sequence.currval). It is not necessary anymore to do something like select sequence.nextval into l_seq from dual in your PL/SQL block. A small example:  declare l_seq number; begin l_seq := oe.orders_seq.nextval; dbms_output.put_line(‘Value of orders_seq.nextval = ‘||to_char(l_seq)); end; […]

AskTom Live with Tom Kyte! – day two

Jurgen Kemmelings 1

A short report of the second day of the OakTable Seminar AskTom Live with Tom Kyte! The day started with the last part about analytic functions that we didn’t finish yesterday. Analytic functions are so ‘brutally great’ that it is all very much worthwhile. It appears that once you have […]

Oracle OpenWorld

Jurgen Kemmelings

Last Friday I visited the Oracle OpenWorld conference in Amsterdam. Here’s a short report of my visit. The day started with the general keynote session ‘Technology Inspired Collaboration’ by Ron Tolido. He introduced Maslow’s Pyramid into the IT world. It was interesting, but I had come for the more technical […]