How to trace a java application through a connection pool using DBMS_MONITOR

Much has been written on how to trace database sessions through a java application in all sort of different techniques. Since Oracle 10g a new technique is added to the tracing stack: DBMS_MONITOR. This blog briefly describes with code examples how you could use DBMS_MONITOR to trace database sessions via […]

Funny ESB?

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Hi all, I’ve used my ESB system – installed on SuSE9, connected to a 10.2 E.E. on the same machine – for a few months now, so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what’s going on in my database schema created by my esb system […]

Guaranteed delivery not obvious for ESB.

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Recently I have made an ESB system based on dequeueing an advanced queue and conditionally forward of the content to different files on the file system. In the development process I ran into some issues which for me raised the question “Are messages processed by the Oracle ESB delivered to […]

Automatic continuous compilation of webforms on linux/unix

Automatic continuous compilation of webforms on linux without X-terminal In the webforms world you it is not uncommon to compile a webforms application on a linux/unix application server, after you’ve build a forms module on your Window development environment. Modules compiled on Windows typically will not run on another operating […]

Pivot using BPEL

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Purpose During the past weeks my collegues at Amis (Anton and Lucas) are pivotting using SQL and PL/SQL, so why not also do some pivotting in BPEL, just for the fun of it. The pivotting problem is not so much part of a known business process but an exercise to […]

KC SDPL – InterConnect Pagoni

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Interessante sessie over hoe Interconnect gebruikt wordt op een project voor een klant van Amis. Hier staat de presentatie en de source files De conclusies: iStudio is geen multi-user tool, gezien de foutmeldingen etc. Vaak – na elke handeling – het project reloaden lijkt het motto. blijkbaar is er niet […]

How to amaze yourself with your own old tools

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About a year ago I designed and developed a “JDAPI-toolbox” while migrating a medium sized (ca. 600 modules) Oracle Forms 6i application to webforms 10g for a customer in The Netherlands. I started the migration project using the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant. I found out that the tool only covered […]

KC SDPL – Enterprise Integration

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Gisteravond werd in een druk bezochte KC Server Development bijeenkomst het onderwerp Applicatie Integratie behandeld. Tijdens de avond werd uitgelegd hoe je applicaties kan integreren door gebruik te maken van de middelen die Oracle InterConnect en BPEL bieden. Naast een inhoudelijke presentatie en demo’s van de producten werden beide producten […]

Migrating Oracle Reports – JDAPI style

Presenting at ODTUG can lead to unexpected things to happen. For instance people actually reading my paper and seeking advice with their migration issues. Whaw! In my paper – titled Practical JDAPI – I discussed how I the Java Development API (JDAPI) helped in migrating a forms 6i client-server application […]