Integrating Ant and Checkstyle

The Open Source Java code checker Checkstyle can be easily used by Ant to check your Java code. This is an excerpt from an Ant build.xml file using the Sun Java coding checks: <property name=”checkstyle.home” location=”…”/> <taskdef resource=”” classpath=”${checkstyle.home}/checkstyle-all-3.5.jar”/> <target name=”checkstyle”> <checkstyle config=”${checkstyle.home}/sun_checks.xml” failOnViolation=”false” classpathref=”classpath”> <fileset dir=”${src.dir}” includes=”**/*.java”/> </checkstyle> </target> […]

XML DB basic demo experience

Introduction Last week I have been investigating the XML DB basic demo at OTN (, Downloadable Demo). Unfortunately there is also a similar but older demo at (Oracle9i R2 XML DB Demonstration). The demo shows a lot of XML DB stuff. It is quite comprehensive with a few installation […]