On Project Success Factors: Communicate!

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A few weeks ago I received a Request for Information for a substantial project. There was one question that struck me: “Describe on which moments your organization communicates with the client organisation.” My first reaction was: when don’t we! To ensure that you deliver what your client expects, communication is […]

Performance for Dummies

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This week I attended our AMIS Query on “How the Middle Tier is slowing the Database down” by renowned performance “problem solver” Anjo Kolk. When I saw the announcement for this AMIS Query I had no doubts I wanted to be there. It may seem a highly technical subject, yet, […]

Back to the Future

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Last week I revisited a client in the healthcare sector. A client where I delivered a project for a Central Laboratory Information System back in ‘97. I was the Information Analyst and later Project Manager. Back in the nineties I loved this project. The previous system was over 20 years […]

Pavlovian Projectmanagement

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Last week we had a project scoping day: in a room, client and AMIS, setting the boundaries of the project. Nothing unusual you would say. It is healthy to determine the scope of your project and ensure a mutual understanding of that scope and the underlying business goals it supports. […]

On Project Success Factors – How Successful are ICT Projects?

Before I enter into more detail on the factors I perceive as contributing to project success, let’s take a look at how ICT Project are actually doing, now. A quick google leads to me to the Ernst & Young report “Trends in ICT 2007” (Dutch only, I apologize). http://www.centric.nl/index.asp?nmoduleid=3&spagetype=6&nCHType=1&sPath=/Trends_in_ICT_2007.pdf The […]