New in AWS: AWS Resource Explorer

Frederique Retsema

Up to now, it was not very easy to see what resources you have in an AWS account. One of the ways to solve this was to enable the AWS Config Recorder and then search in the AWS Config Console. This was, however, not very easy. I’m very happy that […]

AWS Config automated remediation

Frederique Retsema

Introduction It is possible in AWS to check if your environment is compliant to your minimum standards. It is also possible to automatically change the environment to make it compliant again. Maybe not in a way that was designed by the developer – but compliant anyhow. Let me give an […]

AWS Shop example: API Gateway (2)

Introduction Last time, I talked about the API Gateway [1]. The URL that we used last time has randomness in it: it looks like When you destroy the API Gateway objects and redeploy them, you will get another URL. That’s not nice: we don’t want to change the URL […]