Oracle e-Business Suite/Fusion Applications and SAP both hot pluggable … ?

Bert Admiraal

For a long time Oracle e-Business Suite was 100% Oracle.  Running Oracle e-Business Suite meant Oracle for the application, the middle tier and the database.     In future releases this might be a little bit different. The hot-pluggable options of the Fusion-strategy enable customers to be more flexible in defining the configuration they desire.   […]

Seeded XML Publisher Templates for Financial Reports in Oracle e-Business Suite version and Release 12

Bert Admiraal 6

According to Oracle Release 12 offers flexible, XML-based solutions for 70% of all reports in the Financial modules. Who cares, when it’s the alltime hottest sunday afternoon in the Netherlands (29 degrees in April) ? I admit.I “care” … , but only after enjoying the beautiful weather first. Does Oracle […]

"Form Personalization" in Oracle e-Business Suite Release 12 still doesn't offer a workaround for suboptimal LOV-Queries

Bert Admiraal 10

In Oracle E-Business Suite release some list of values (LOV) are not implemented considering the full functionality of the e-Business Suite. The " Project LOV’s" in Payables Invoices (f.e.) always shows all project tasks and expenditure types. Tasks and/or expenditure types, excluded for charges, are shown also. "Charge Allowed […]