Oracle BPM Studio and Snow Leopard

Arjaan Peree

Business process management (BPM) is getting more momentum. The BPMN 2.0 specification is getting final and has a few new nice features, for example a model standard so that models are interchangeable between tools. Another new feature is easier event implementation, meaning that it will be easier to run a […]

Google, T-mobile and HTC launch Android

Arjaan Peree

Today, Google, T-mobile and HTC launched the G1, the firt android phone. It’s quite a cool phone, not as good looking as the iPhone, but spec-wise just as interesting. What’s more interesting for Java developers is that it runs Java SE. This is the first phone to break the Java […]

JavaOne 2007: Sun announces JavaFX

Arjaan Peree 2

Sun announced JavaFX on the JavaOne. It was previously known as F3 (Form Follows Function: .  It is for creating visualy rich internet applications. Based on standard Java SE. My first reaction was: o oh, there goes Flex. There are already two big vendors in the market for RIA’s […]