How to send large attachments?

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You all know the problem. You want to send that large file to someone, but how? Many email systems restrict the maximum attachment size. I have to send large attachments of several hundreds of megabytes to magazines all over the world quite frequently. There are some services that you could […]

Google releases AJAX toolkit

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Google has released their Google Web Toolkit (GWT). This toolkit can be used to develop AJAX applications in Java. Google describes the toolkit as follows: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java development framework that lets you escape the matrix of technologies that make writing AJAX applications so difficult and […]

Book review: Business Process Execution Language

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Title: Business Process Execution Language Author: Matjaz B. Juric, Benny Mathew, Poornachandra Sarang Published by: Packt Publishing ISBN: 1-904811018-3 Publication Date: 2004 Details: 270pages, $59.99; I recently read this nice book about the growing BPEL standard. The book gives a fairly good overview about what BPEL (Business Process Execution […]

PHP goes Pro

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Just read on,39026636,39238117,00.htm that IBM is officially going to support PHP (Personal Home Page). The agreement between IBM and Zend also means that IBM will dedicate a part of it’s developers website to PHP. IBM will also implement new features for PHP. This agreement will be good for the […]

Tom Kyte about Things we "know"

Andre Crone

Last week I attended the Tom Kyte seminar in Utrecht. This was a very impressive seminar held by a real Oracle database Guru. Tom says he still thinks of himself as being a developer and not a DBA. This is strange since most of this seminar was meant for DBA’s […]

GNU utilities for Win32

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Windows is not shipped with a lot of tools for the developer. Simple tools like grep, sed, make are not provided. Today I installed UnxUtils. A set of GNU utilities for Win32. You could use Cygwin to do have the same utilities, but the nice thing about UnxUtils is that […]

Paris for the Designer

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Today I looked into a pre release of Oracles Warehouse Builder 10gR2 (Paris). This comprehensive tool can be used to create complex data warehoused holding data from many different data sources like tables (in different databases), files etc. I was really pleased by the very good reverse engineering capabilities of […]