OPP2007: Test-a-Thon

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Can you believe it? After a full day of different presentations on PL/SQL, people just couldn’t get enough of PL/SQL. The 2 day Oracle PL/SQL Programming Conference (OPP2007) in San Francisco attracted about 300 programmers and DBA. At the end of the first day, a Test-a-Thon was organized. Together with […]

Going to SF, to meet SF

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At 04:30 this morning my alarm went off. I don’t like mornings, but today is different from other days. Today I flew into San Francisco for the Oracle PL/SQL Programming Conference. After struggling over the armrest for nearly 11 hours I finally made it. The conference starts on wednesday, that […]

Never Assume, always test…

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Yesterday evening I started preparing for the upcoming Oracle PL/SQL Programming Test-A-Thon. I strongly believe that building your own programs to perform a functionality, which is already provided as a Built-In package is plain silly. Sometimes however, the Built-In functionality is not what you expect it to be. For instance […]

Transaction Dependent Webservice Invocation…or how to call a webservice from a database trigger and make the call part of the transaction

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One of our clients asked us to help with calling a webservice from a database trigger. This webservice would duplicate the actions done by the database in a different system, SAP in this case. It was a type of “fire-and-forget” webservice. Oracle 10 offers UTL_DBWS to interact with webservices, but […]

Read Inconsistency?

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Riddle me this: Can an object exist in all_objects before it is created?Well no, of course not. I was under the assumption that if you create a table with a select-statement, a CTAS – Create Table As Select – that the select was executed prior to the creation of the […]

Book Review: Oracle Database 10g A Beginner's Guide

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Title: Oracle Database 10g A Beginner’s Guide Authors: Ian Abramson; Michael Abbey; Michael Corey Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media ISBN: 0072230789 Publication Date: March 31, 2004 Website: http://shop.osborne.com/cgi-bin/osborne/0072230789.html The setup of the book is nice, with progress checks to monitor how well you understand the chapter you just read and sample […]

Analytical Power

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While working on a Project for one of our Clients, an interesting requirement popped up. What they wanted was the following: “From this list of dates, we need the ID from the most recent subscriptionâ€?. Here’s a sample from the list: ID, CAT, START_DATE, END_DATE 1, 0, 29-DEC-04, 17-JUL-05 2, […]

Oracle Open Source: SQLTools

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I guess I must have been sleeping all this time… how did I miss this wonderful tool? If you raise your eyebrows now, you either disagree with this statement or you haven’t tried it yourself. The starting point to find Open Source Projects related to Oracle has always been the […]

JDBExplorer: a test-drive

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Even though I started a journey into the realms of Open Source software available for Oracle , I’m taking a small detour now. JDBExplorer was suggested to me via a comment on Oracle Open Source: TOra (toolkit for Oracle). As promised I have taken a look at it and now […]

Oracle Open Source : FoReDoclet

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Everybody knows it. Documentation is essential. Most people hate two things about it. The first one is to create it, the second to read it. The Java community has JavaDoc. This takes care of both objections. Generate the documentation so you don’t have to write it. You still have to […]