SQL formatting

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Eddie Awad has a nice blog about three apps to format your SQL code. Especially the online tools, SQLinForm en the Online SQL Formatter, are very nice. Both offer some options to select the SQL dialect and the output format (e.g. upper/lowercase) and language (SQL, VB, Java etc). The former, […]

Java Knowledge areas

Aino Andriessen

The lastest session of the KC Web and Java focussed on what we call knowledge areas. Everybody got about ten minutes to present his/her subject and to share his/her knowledge on the subject with the rest. Off course, this turned out to be absolutely not enough (but probably 20 minutes […]


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Need the source and/or the Javadoc of a java library? Try http://www.jsourcery.com/. It contains the clickable source of many libraries and applications, like Spring, Apache (Commons), JUnit, ActiveMQ etc. etc. Unfortunately, their generator is not available.

Mind Mapping

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Recently, in a meeting with some of my collegues I realized that there are many way to take notes, add priorities and relations etc. etc. One of them used the mindmapping technique and the commercial tool MindManager to achieve this. I was quite impressed. Although the result is a rather […]

More on JFall 2005

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With some of my collegues I attended JFall, one of the two yearly conferences of the NLJUG. I visited the presentations on Mule, Wicket, Spring WebFlow and the newly announced Spring Web Services. My personal highlight was the presentation on Mule, the open source ESB implementation. The speaker demonstrated the […]


Aino Andriessen

I just read an announcement of a new release of JoSQL, SQL for Java Objects. My first reaction was a bit reserved but after a quick glance at their website I am quite impressed already. JoSQL provides functionality to use SQL statements to query a collection of Java Objects (Strings, […]

PL/SQL Profiling

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How do you trace performance issues and bottlenecks in your PL/SQL applications? Since 8i the Oracle database has been equiped with the profiling tool dbms_profiler. It is quite simple to use: start the profiler, execute the code, stop the profiler. The profiler analyzes the execution of PL/SQL statements and stores […]

Java5 autoboxing

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A new feature of java5 is autoboxing, which automatically converts between primitives and its wrapper types. This may be very handy, but can also be a source for a severe headache. I was creating a unittest to compare two double values. I was not using and IDE so I just […]

Hacking web apps

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On JavaPolis 2004 Erwin Geirnaert did a very nice presentation on hacking Web Applications. He gives an overview of how this can be achieved and then he gives some very nice examples for WebSphere and Weblogic. But my favorite is the website where he only changes the parameter patientId=12345 to […]

Oracle text

Aino Andriessen

The Dutch Oracle Usergroup (OgH) organized a session about (text) searching capabilities of Oracle technology. The presentation was done by Wouter van de Weghe of Oracle and consisted of three parts: explaining Oracle Text, discussing UltraSearch and introducing Enterprise Search.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

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With Oracle 10g (release 1) the enterprise manager is only available as a web-based application. However, it doesn’t provide all the necessary options yet. Among others, the xmldb and advanced queues administration is lacking, so you still need the java console. Unfortunately this is not installed by default and the […]

Oracle Fusion

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As the world is moving to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) companies are rebranding and consolidating their products into a complete, supportive and integrated platform. That’s where Oracle Fusion Middleware fits in. It will include: The application server products like the Application Server, Portal, Business intelligence, Integration and Identity Management Complementary […]

Eclipse and java5

Use Eclipse with java5: Download a 3.1 Milestone Add java5 to the installed jre’s (Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JRE’s) Set the compiler compliance level to 5.0 (Window > Preferences > Java > Compiler) Although it is said that Eclipse must pick up java5 by starting it with […]

Google api

Like many others, Google provides access to some of it’s services by means of webservices. Just follow the instructions at the Google web api’s site: download the developer’s kit create an account and get a licence key create a program The developer’s kit contains a wsdl, webservice client libraries and […]


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Recently Xopus, a browser based XML editor, attracted some attention. This stimutated us for a review. The editor itself is completely written in javascript and relies on the MSXML ActiveX component and is therefore not working with FireFox and Opera :-(. It offers different views for editing the xml but […]

JSpring 2005 follow-up

Aino Andriessen

A previous post already has an extensive review of the JSpring conference so I’ll follow up to that one. The concern that Duncan Mills stated was shared by other speakers and also by many attendees. It boils down to ‘too complex and a lack of clarity and direction’. Now is […]