EJB m:n relationship in JBoss + Xdoclet

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As a (promised) follow-up on the uni-direcional CMP/CMR example in EJB CMP/CMR example with JBoss+Xdoclet, we present a many-to-many (m:n) relationship example here, albeit in much less detail. For more details the reader is referred to the above post.

EJB CMP/CMR example with JBoss+Xdoclet

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In this post I’ll first discuss how to implement a unidirectional one-to-one relationship with EJBs, JBoss and Xdoclet in abstracto, using two tables called table1 and table2. Thereafter I’ll present a concrete example, illustrated with (more detailed) code excerpts.

Useful Eclipse-related links

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In Nancy Chen Junhua’s article on Developing Struts with Easy Struts for Eclipse she has some interesting pointers to documents on “Eclipse Aided Development” on IBM’s developerworks. In my experience, the articles found on IBM’s developersworks are of good quality. Articles for Eclipse users in the Open source projects zone. […]

Struts and Resource Bundle problems

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Working my way through the first chapter of Jakarta Struts Live book, I could not get my own application working, failing at the <bean:message key=”welcome.databaseSelection”/> The annoying thing was that the JSP page containing this statement remained blank! Inspection in the Tomcat log files showed that there was a problem […]

A Practical Guide for Integrating EJB and Struts

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Playing with EJBs at home and programming with Struts at work recently, I wondered how you would integrate those, preferrably with the Eclipse environment: EJB and the Struts framework each have received plenty of coverage individually, but what about leveraging EJB and Struts together? This tutorial lays out a complete […]

MySQL, stored procedures and callable statements

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The stable 3.x versions of MySQL don’t support stored procedures. Consequently the associated JDBC driver can’t support callable statements. The alpha 4.x versions don’t support stored procedures either, but support for stored procedures (and therefore callable statements) is announced for the development 5.x versions at this time of writing. This […]

On-line Java/J2EE courses!

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On Sang Shin’s J2EE Programming with Passion! page, you can find many good (introductory) courses on J2EE (and related topics). Courses taught include J2EE Programming with Passion! Advanced J2EE Programming with Passion! Web Services Programming with Passion! Distributed Programming using Jini and JavaSpaces Technology XML

Logging with J2SDK 1.4 API or Log4J ?


According to this article: After examining the standard logging API, my opinion is to stick with the log4j package if you are looking for a robust logging implementation. The logging API is adequate, but it is missing many of the features available in log4j. For instance, log4j already has a […]

Working with Hibernate in Eclipse

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In my search for an XML plug-in for Eclipse, I stumbled upon the following article: Working with Hibernate in Eclipse It contains a reference to such a plug-in (XMLBuddy), but more importantly, it seemed like a nice introductory article on Hybernate+Eclipse. I did not read it in detail yet, but […]

Eclipse 3.0 & Lomboz plugin download/installation

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The Lomboz 3.0rc2 release works perfectly together with Eclipse 3.0. You can download it here (lomboz.3rc2.zip). Please make sure to download the accompanying Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) plug-in too (emf-sdo-runtime-I200406100948.zip)! EMF by the way, seems to be an excellent tool used to define and implement structured data models see Using […]

Tip: free Struts book

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The Apache Struts web application framework is is a flexible control layer based on standard technologies like Java Servlets, JavaBeans, ResourceBundles, and XML, as well as various Jakarta Commons packages. Struts encourages application architectures based on the Model 2 approach, a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm. Want […]

Database access using Eclipse

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Want to see what’s residing in your database from Eclipse? Get the QuantumDB plug-in, and create a DB connection using a driver suitable for your database. From then easy browsing of tables/views and their contents is available to you!

Configure sendmail to forward all mails

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Go to /etc/mail/ and look in the sendmail.mc file. Uncomment and change the entry define(`SMART_HOST’,`forward.host.domain’). Additional info: The sendmail.cf is generally considered to be too difficult to be changed by hand. Therefore a set of macros have been defined to ease this task. In order to be able to use […]

Comparison Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL

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A research team of the Alice project from the Dutch Institute for Nuclear and High Engery Physics (NIKHEF) wrote a very elaborate comparison on Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. This document can be found here. At the end of the page there is a table with a very nice summary of […]

Eclipse plugins


Currently, plugins for the 3.0 release of Eclipse are only sparsely available. However, I already discoverd two interesting ones: a subversion Eclipse plugin (CVS support is already present in the vanilla version, including CVS over SSH2) and the QuantumDB Eclipse Plugin, a database access plugin.

Getting started with MySQL


If you have just installed the MySQL RPMs and wonder what to do next, check out Getting Started with MySQL. This is a wonderful concise to-the-point comprehensible “getting started”, including an intro to the MySQL privilege tables.

Deployment in Tomcat 4.1.30 using Eclipse

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With Eclipse 2.1.3 using the SysDeo plugin for Tomcat (I’m using Tomcat 4.1.30) I am not able to un/redeploy an application: the old code isn’t replaced by the new. Consequently, I have to manually remove my application in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps before deploying my newly modified code. Anyone had similar problems and/or […]

Database access with Ant!

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You can access a database with Ant. This can be useful when you want to create a database and fill it with some default data at the start/deployment of a project, but also when you want to reset the contents of your database just before invoking your tests! Example of […]