Web- and Mobile-Oriented Architectures with Oracle Fusion Middleware – Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Lucas Jellema

Mobile applications as well as a large class of modern HTML5 web applications are built on top of an architecture with special provisions, such as RESTful services; the personal cloud, to provide a cross-device experience; push; cache; localization; scalability; and secure interaction with the enterprise back end. Gartner refers to this as the web-oriented architecture. Oracle Fusion Middleware offers key products (Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Identity Management, and Oracle API Gateway) to implement this architecture, possibly in combination with cloud services such as Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle Messaging Cloud Service, and Oracle Storage Cloud Service. This session discusses the architecture itself and what it entails.

This is the abstract for my first session at Oracle OpenWorld 2014. The slides for this session can be downloaded from the Content Catalog as well as from SlideShare: http://www.slideshare.net/lucasjellema/weband-mobileorientedarchitectureswithoraclefusionmiddlewareforxml-oow2014.

The sources for the demonstration I showed are available from GitHub: https://github.com/lucasjellema/SampleIssueTrackerAngularJSwithSOASuite12cRESTbackend.

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