Materials for Workshop Microservices Choreography with Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka and Node.JS

Lucas Jellema

imageThursday June 1st – yet another community event at AMIS. This one dedicated to Microservices. What are microservices, why do we think they are interesting? How are they different? How can they be implemented and how do you deploy them? What is a microservices platform and what generic capabilities should such a platform offer? How can we make microservices act together – to perform a workflow – if they are to be isolated and unaware of each other? These are some of the questions that we discussed.


Through demonstrations with Kubernetes and Docker with Node.JS, Kafka , Redis as implementing technologies, we discussed a possible implementation of microservices choreograhy – stateless, horizontally scalable microservices participating in a workflow driven by events – without any direct interaction. This figure visualizes the topology that we discussed and subsequently worked on during a hands on workshop:



All materials for the presentation and the workshop are on GitHub: – and all required software is open source and freely downloadable.


Feel free to give the workshop a spin.

During Oracle Code London I presented a shorter version of the presentation that was part of this workshop. You can watch that presentation from Oracle Code London on YouTube (

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