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This week I have played a bit with XML-Publisher. The goal was take some reports and try to migrate them to XML-Publisher version. Yesterday I posted a blog about how you can setup a matrix report using the proper tags and references. I must say I was very content that it was possible and although it took me some time. After I accomplished the matrix layout the next question came up. How can I display the input parameters of the report in my report?

It is a very small trick you should understand. first you have to create a declaration and reference to your parameter in your report. Let us asume that my report accepts as input the parameter P_SUBMISSION_ID.
You create a tag in your RTF file with the following syntax:


We can now reference the parameter in our report by the syntax:


Parameter reference

This will result in the following layout:
Parameter result

3 thoughts on “XML-Publisher how to display your input parameter

  1. Thanks for the tip sister. I was having quite a lot of trouble displaying my input parameters since I am new to XML Publisher. This is gonna help me out a lot.
    Regina from New BMW

  2. Hai friends
    I am new to xml publisher.The article on ‘How to display input parameters is good’.I have a query on this.For my report,there are two input parameters (for dates).I am using FND_STANDARD_DATE value set for dates.Now I have to display these dates in the report.
    The problem is that FND_STANDARD_DATE converts the date that user enters into YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS format and the same is printed in the report.I am using to_char( to convert into DD-MON-YYYY format but it’s not working.How can i achieve this?

  3. Hello >>

    I’m new to XML-Publisher and i’m using Microsoft word for template creating.

    I’m facing some difficulties in creating a master-detail report…

    how can I accomplish that.. should I write one data model query that include everything or should I seperate them ???
    any help

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