Web Synergy: Sun and Liferay bundle their forces

On day 2 of JavaOne 2008 I visited the Sun booth at the Pavilion to ask some questions about the Open Portal project. There I got word that Sun and Liferay have bundled their forces in a project called Web Synergy. I received a USB stick with lotsa software on it, including a zip file containing a pre-installed GlassFish with a WebSynergy jar in it. If you’re not at JavaOne, or if you didn’t pick up the USB stick, you can download Web Synergy from here.


Installing Web Synergy is really easy. Simply extract the zip file to a directory on your hard disk. Next, start GlassFish using the asadmin command as described on the download page. After a while you can navigate to http://localhost:8585 and see that your server is running.

Web Synergy is running!


Next, as is described on the download page, you can login with a few users and play around.  I chose to login as Ed since he has the shortest password Smiley

Logged in as Ed



For an encore I tried to modify some of the colors in the portal site, by choosing the Manage Pages option in the popup menu you get when hovering the user name in the upper right:

 The popup menu


and I ended up with the orange color theme from the classis Liferay theme:

The Orange Color Theme


Of course the real challenge lies in developing Portlets that can be ran inside Web Synergy. But I think this out of the box installation really shows the power of GlassFish and Liferay. Congratulations! 

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  1. Wouter,

    Thanks a bunch for trying out the demo! Glad to see you explored around a bit. Be sure to check out the screencasts on the memstick and CD (if you didn’t get a CD, stop by the booth – it has more content specific to WebSynergy). This kind of partnership is unique in a lot of respects, and I super excited to be a part of it.

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