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Understanding Storage, Masterclass by James Morle

Today was the first day of the two day Masterclass “Understanding Storage”  by James Morle at AMIS.

After having reserved my participation in this Masterclass on March 12th, the first day has finally arrived. My colleague Marco Gralike already blogged about the contents of this Masterclass therefore I will not repeat it here. James is well known in the Oracle community, not in the least for his book: Scaling Oracle 8i. That book was recommended to me today by another participant and is available here. I must confess I’ve probably downloaded it years before but have never gotten around to reading it properly. I will make that a priority as I believe now that has been a mistake of mine. The concepts are still valid today as they were then.

Listening to James is very easy to do because he captures your attention with ease. His presentation is a mix of theory, explaining in detail, asking questions to the audience (in order to make us think), and answering our questions. I believe that my understanding of Storage, how it works in detail, how it interacts with the Oracle database, will be much better after also completing day 2. I can hardly wait for tomorrow.

I’ve got lot’s of things to check and verify when I’m back at my “regular” customer. Since I’m, as a member of a lean team, also responsible for the EMC Storage there. That is a benefit of this Masterclass: I shall be able to ask sensible questions to the SAN administrator(s) (But may give the answers myself…). And I should be able to make more sense of the EMC data that is available to us.