Oracle XML Training With Marco Gralike SIOUG banner MarcoGralike

Oracle XML Training With Marco Gralike

Oracle XML Training With Marco Gralike SIOUG banner MarcoGralikeI was asked by Jože Senegačnik, if I would be would be interested in doing a Masterclass/Seminar in Slovenia and, yes of course, I really liked the idea. So after having a quick look in my agenda, regarding my free time, we started to set things up.

This 2 day seminar will take place the 27th & 28th of March in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at Poslovna hiša Unija, Tržaška cesta 515, 1251 Brezovica pri Ljubljani. The seminar is organized by DbProf d.o.o. in cooperation with SIOUG, the Slovenian Oracle User Group. The early bird offering will be ending on the 16.3.2011 (have a look here for more details), so have a go at it.

Be aware, there are only a few days to go (the 16th/this Friday) and then the “early bird” offer ends and the (current) room is filling up quickly…

So what can you expect (for the detailed agenda see the registration link) ?

Day 1

will be giving you the grant tour across all features, pitfalls, troubleshooting, how to achieve a performance increase via some practical info, but mainly I will give you the ins and outs how things work, so you are able to make smart decisions when you start with your XML(DB) project or how to attack an XML problem in the database.

Day 2

will explain all the XML things that are supported in the XML database and give you your first experience to get you on your way like: XPath, XQuery, XML/SQL, XMLDB PL/SQL packages, XSLT, etc. Be aware that this won’t (and can’t) be the full “XQuery” training course, for example. Nowadays the XML Database manual has already more than 900 pages. and subjects like “XQuery” or “XPath” (v1 or v2) are packaged nowadays, also, in 500+ pages per book. Despite this, also this day will be packed with info, demo’s and examples…


The OTN Developer Day VirtualBox database environment will be used as a practice environment and all exercises, scripts, manuals, training material will be shared during the course.

The training has been designed for everyone (architects, developers or database administrators) who are involved in using XMLDB functionality. The seminar provides a quick start for people who will have to consume, generate or manage XML or want to use database build-in XMLDB functionality.

So have a look for the full agenda and topics and, who knows, we meet up in Slovenia at the end of March.

Register here: Oracle XML Training With Marco Gralike