Oracle Open World 2017; day 1 observations keynote future dba

Oracle Open World 2017; day 1 observations

Just a quick note about day 1 at Oracle Open World. This Sunday traditionally is filled with presentations of usergroups, customers and product management, and at the end of the day the welcome-keynote. In the presentations there’s not really exciting news, they will have to wait until the keynotes. But some observations can be done already.


The big news at the keynote – The Autonomous Database –  was not that big anymore, Larry Ellison announced it a week ago, I did a wrap up yesterday.

Quite a summary of the keynote has been written by businessinsider, And here are the highlights on video.

The most important slide of the keynote regarding the changing role of the DBA is included in this post : Less time on Administration, more time on innovation. Oracle 18c requires no DBA, is highly available, and autotune queries.


So what about the presentations I went to at Sunday. Just a few observations (very limited in scope of course):

– The phrase ‘Single Pane of Glass’, which was used for Enterprise Manager 13c a while ago, is now being used at the Oracle Management Cloud (OMC). The context and scope is howerver quite different, OMC is strategically meant for monitoring and managing a complete hybrid cloud environment, including Azure, Amazon and the on-premises environment.

– The word ‘management’ has been inserted in the slides of OMC. Not just monitoring anymore. What are the consequences for Oracle Enterprise Manager?

– Security is on the agenda

– Machine Learning is trending.

– Some services are barely present at this OpenWorld:  Oracle Enterprise Manager, Exa-systems (not the cloud service), Weblogic platform, Oracle Database Appliance, in summary a lot of hardware and on-premises management. And when hardware is mentioned it is just a step to the final goal: the cloud. With one big exception: the Oracle Cloud Machine for Cloud@Customer.

– A lot of sessions with one theme: journey to the cloud.


Mentioned it before, just a quick note for now. Regardz


Announcement autonomous database:

Business insider:

Video highlights:

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