Oracle Open World 2006 – Almost there…

It’s almost Friday, a day before our flight. Lucas and I will be off to San Francisco on Saturday morning. Lucas will give some lectures on OOW 2006, so don’t forget to attend, he has some great presentations prepared. I will mostly be pinpointing on XML (DB).

On the side, I will try to consume some great lectures on performance (Tom Kyte, Jonathan Lewis, among others), try to see a little from San Francisco and enjoy the OOW 2006 atmosphere. The temperature, over there, will be on average 24° Celsius with a lot of sunshine.....

I have mixed feelings about the event. It will be my first time across the ocean, a flight of 9 hours, on to an event with 40000 participants, 450000 square feet of exhibit space, 5000 computer systems, 1400 sessions, 450 partners, 400 Oracle demos (as an e-mail said) an awful lot to see, enjoy and learn.

I guess it will be a great experience.

On the other hand, I turned 40 last year, this year is AMIS 15th anniversary, and it happens to me lately that I reflect on things from the past (Yeah, I know am getting old). 😉

The last time I attended a mayor Oracle event, it is a while ago (was it 3 years?), and Oracle’s first 10g version was introduced in Amsterdam; I got a call in the midst of a CEO’s presentation… My dad died the next day. So I have now a strange association with "big Oracle events".

Anyway Dad, I will toast a drink next week, in your remembrance.

More OOW 2006 posts to come from me and Lucas of course (and also some pictures) so read up on it here.  😉





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