Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 Developer Preview is here ... html

Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 Developer Preview is here …

The Oracle JDeveloper release 10.1.3 Developer preview release can be downloaded from OTN. See JDeveloper Homepage
“The Oracle JDeveloper 10g (10.1.3) release adds many new features, including a new look and feel, a greatly improved coding environment, extensive refactoring options, J2EE 1.4/J2SE 5.0 support, and visual JSF development.”

I took it for a very quick spin today. I must say I like the new look and feel. If you look at some of the new features such as the refactoring (thank you) , the cvs support and the easy maximizable editor tabs (double click on a title to get the editor fullscreen and vice versa) it is not hard to see were they get some of their inspiration.

Much to my surprise they have left ADF out. Makes you wonder. Is ADF undergoing major revisions? If yes where is the focus? Extension of the out-of-the-box support for dataproviders? New Wizards? Drag and drop Editable Tables in JSP ( 🙂 )? Drag and drop support for JSF and ADF Faces? Application templates?
We will have to wait until Oracles releases another preview including ADF as they plan somewhere in 2005.

As for Toplink this release does not contain the 10.1.3 Toplink Developers preview. You’ll have to download the standalone version if you want to testdrive the JAXB and O – XML mapping features. Again in this JDeveloper release it is not possible to export the project to Java source, you can in the standalone version. Seems like a small thing to me to get it in …..

Even the startup icon has been revamped. In my opinion it looks more like a cappucino now…


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