OOW2K6 – Unbreakable Linux – The next stage

Unbreakable Linux 

Mr. Larry Ellison’s keynote blew everything of the table for today; at least it did for me and let’s be honest, this is (IMHO) great news. OK, the rumors were there for a long time, but then again, it was never out in the open and confirmed.

Armored pinguin

OOW2K6 - Unbreakable Linux - The next stage armored pinguin

He announced the enterprise class support for RedHat distributions. The main goal Oracle has to bring Linux to the next stage by speeding up the adoption of Linux to the Enterprise. This support will also be for non-Oracle customers.

Mayor players on the market like, among others, Dell, IBM and Intel endorsed Oracle’s move.

It will be very easy to get in the near future your patches, fixes and back ports for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL3) and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4) releases from Oracle by just re-directing the up2date utility to a Oracle subscriber network. Oracle will deliver different levels of support like, for instance, Premier Support, Basic Support or Network Support (Oracle Enterprise Linux Support Policies). The minimum Enterprise Linux (network) support will cost as less as $99 from the Unbreakable Linux Network. Oracle will offer this support for a price far less then the support price currently offered via RedHat, Mr Elisson said.

One of the slides shown during presentation

OOW2K6 - Unbreakable Linux - The next stage LUN Prices

It is all currently explained in more (precise) detail on the Unbreakable Linux Network (http://linux.oracle.com) and Oracle’s main website (http://www.oracle.com).


Oracle Version 11g 

While explaining the past to present advances in the Oracle history of database grid computing Mr. Ellison said, regarding the Oracle 11g release: “…and with Oracle Version 11, coming out at the end of this year; Currently in beta…” (from 6.45 min. onwards, hear Oracle OpenWorld Keynote: Larry Ellison unveils Oracle Unbreakable Linux). On the slide it only said Oracle Version 11g beta. I listened it again and again, just to be sure by double checking, the keynote, as presented on the “Oracle on Linux” webpage.

I would have expected this next mayor version to be released in 2007, maybe even in 2008, but it looks like we can enjoy the next mayor release this year.

As said, a great day with a lot of good news.



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