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OOW 2012 : Sunday report

Yesterday was a busy day for me. While still recovering from a jetlag, I was part of two sessions. The first one was a team effort. With Lucas Jellema, Aino Andriessen, Ronald van Luttikhuizen, Guido Schmutz and me we did a demonstration of Fusion Middleware Development in front of ‘a live studio audience’. The show was moderated by Chris Muir and Duncan Mills. A good report of this session can be found here.

Halfway into this session I had to leave because my session on Mobile Development with JDeveloper and ADF was up next.

About 180 people pre registered for this session, so I was pretty nervous.


As you can see in this picture (taken with the ADF mobile application using the ADF mobile device datacontrol) there were a lot of people interested.

Because ADF mobile is still in beta I was not allowed to tell everything that I know, but still I was able to give a good overview of mobile development with Jdeveloper and ADF. I will publish the slides as soon as ADF mobile is GA.
What I can do however is point you to OTN where you can find the Mobile Browser application that I showed you. Find it here otn mobile.

Also you find a lot of other information regarding mobile development with ADF, including a new Oracle document about ADF mobile telling that release is targeted for FY 2013, and there is also an image of the ADF mobile architecture in there.