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OOW 2012 – Oracle XML DB Hands-On Lab (HOL10055)

I posted, as (my) tradition dictates, the Oracle agenda overview of XMLDB sessions during Oracle Open World 2012. I already signed up for the HOL10055 session but yesterday I also got a quick peek of it’s contents this year. And yes, I can promise you, it is a must go, if you are dealing with or are interested in all things XML in your Oracle database.

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The hands-on lab has topics like, among others,

  • Using XQuery in Oracle Database 11g Release 2
  • Optimizing XML Storage and processing with XML Schema.
  • Relational access to XML content
  • XML access to Relational Content

… also practical items like, loading XML, how to performance optimize XML in the database, and/or partition methods useful if your dealing with enormous amounts of data. This year it covers all XML use cases, if it’s structured, semi-structured or unstructured, via the latest database XMLDB functionality like the XQuery Update Facility (2011 W3C recommendation) or unstructured data retrieval via the also new W3C 2011 recommendation, the XQuery Full-Text standard.

To give you some small insight into those two new W3C XQuery recommendation extensions:

The XQuery Update Facility XQuery-Update is an extension standard that makes it possible to update the content of XML documents. XQuery update operations can modify the values of existing nodes, replace a fragment of XML with another fragment of XML and insert and remove nodes from the document. In short besides generating XML, query XML, you can no also update selective parts of the XML.

The XQuery Full-Text extension on XQuery, delivers complex full-text style search operations on the content of XML documents. The XQuery Full-Text specification adds the ability to perform word based searches of XML content, with all of the common features of a text retrieval system. XQuery Full-Text includes support for word match, windowing (word must appear within n words of word) and stemming (automatically recognize related words).

So in short, the XMLDB hands-on lab session is really worth your time if your considering using this no-cost option of your Oracle database, as a first orientation or to discover the more mature new topics. Also people that make the product/functionality will be there to answer questions or help you on your way with examples. As far as I know there are still seats, so schedule it in your Oracle Scheduler Builder (search for session: “HOL10055” or tag “XML DB”).

Hope to see you there.