OOW 2012 : general session : The future of development for fusion: from desktop to mobile to cloud

Luc Bors

ADF Mobile….. or not ?

I was hoping to hear that ADF mobile was going to be GA very soon, but Oracle ADF Mobile GA was NOT yet announced in this session. Thar leads me to conclude that it will not released during Oracle Open World. But nevertheless the product looks great.

A lot of nice demos, both on simulator and on device. I realy like Dennis’ demo where he shows of the summit application on device. The thematic map with custom image and hotspots really is very nice ! For sure Oracle will support Android and iOS, and if a third or even fourth platform is required, it will be supported….

Also there was a very quick mentioning of the fact that ADF Business Components can be exposed as REST very soon. Nothing more and nothing less on this statement. This makes sense from an ADF mobile perspective, as ADF mobile preferes REST services to connect to the Enterprise Database or Business Services.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service.

The development lifecycle goes into the cloud. The developercloud supports the full development lifecycle including versioning, wiki, issuetracking and build automation. Versioning uses GIT. The cloud WIKI is based on wikitech or confluence, and issue tracking is done by something that is close to bugzilla. Buildatomation is done using Hudson. No subversion support in the developercloud.

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