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On Project Success Factors: Communicate!

A few weeks ago I received a Request for Information for a substantial project. There was one question that struck me: “Describe on which moments your organization communicates with the client organisation.” My first reaction was: when don’t we!

To ensure that you deliver what your client expects, communication is an essential! So, describing when you communicate is easy: whenever it is needed :-). You need to communicate when:
– You have a question you can’t answer.
– You make an assumption.
– You acquire a new insight.
– You got a nagging feeling that something is not right.
– …

Communication is not just meant to transfer information. Communication helps foster understanding, commitment and trust.

This all is of course easier said than done. You can increase the chance of effective communication by having a Project Kick-Off with all stakeholders (yes, that’s right, also including the Business Sponsor who does not have the time). Make sure you have regular personal contact on all levels (Director, Manager, Workforce) both formal and informal. And last but not least: give and ask for regular feedback. You never know what you might learn!

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