OEM GC Upgrade Connect Issues

Here a small post that hopefully will help some people in the future that are stuck with the same issues. I am still missing some info, but I discovered the workaround for the following “symptoms”.


I have a VMware environment in which I can play with Oracle BAM and OEM Grid Control on Windows 2003. My current OEM Grid is Because is already out for a while I decided to upgrade my current release. I checked and verified all prerequisites needed before the upgrade. Because I once upgraded the OEM from to; and my initial install at that time was an “out of the box” install, no extra steps needed to be done before I could start with the upgrade to

Now it comes…


Whatever I tried, for instance using “LOCAL”, altering/checking the content of sqlnet.ora regarding Windows authentication (NTS setting) or using ORACLE_SID using a BEQUETH connection, or modifying the registry, etc. etc. etc…; Every time I got the “fill in the SYS password screen”, needed information for upgrading the Oracle Management Repository, I got the same error: ORA-01017, invalid username/password. logon denied

I could find a real answer on the internet via Google, that matched my issues. I know that remote connections via, for instance, remote desktop to a Windows server can cause some problems that would fit the symptoms I had, but then I should also have the same problems via SQL*Plus or other GUI’s (and that wasn’t the case). Some answers pointed to creating a password file and setting the parameter remote_login_passwordfile to exclusive. The problem here was that I already had this from the start.

In the end, I decided to “update” my password file, although it didn’t made sense to me, via a: ALTER USER SYS IDENTIFIED BY {SAME PASSWORD};

…and this worked…?! Now the “fill in the SYS password screen” accepted my SYS password and the rest off the upgrade went fine.

OEM GC Upgrade Connect Issues oem upgrade 01

I am working with Oracle on Windows since 7.0 and I am very aware off all those typical Windows issues out there. The only thing I can imagine that could be the cause are the multiple ORACLE_HOME directories on the same box. Maybe I missed something…but as said…I am very aware about these kinds of issues and I don’t think in this case I missed one…

OEM GC Upgrade Connect Issues oem upgrade 02

Anyway if in trouble as described in the story above. Have a try by resetting / updating the password file by issueing an “alter user identified by” statement.