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OAUG Fusion Middleware BootCamp Chicago – Part I

Today finally was the day. I have been looking forward a lot coming to Chicago for the Fusion Middleware Bootcamp.

Getting up around 5:30am to get to the train station in time. Not a really difficult task for me, because I usually get up around 5.45am to go to work (who? me? workaholic?;-)
The plane left for Chicago at 10:30am and after a smooth flight of about 8,5 hrs the plane landed at Chicago O’Hare.

Here I found out that the trains to downtown Chicago had been canceled due to maintenance on the railways. So I had to take a taxi, in order to get to the hotel.

From Monday morning (October 22nd) to Friday november 2nd I will be attending the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) Fusion Middleware BootCamp.
Though I am a technical e-Business Suite consultant / EBS DBA, and this bootcamp is targeted at developers, I still consider this bootcamp very valuable.
My experience (from an EBS perspective) tells that when you know how thing work/what they are used for you can do a much better job as a DBA – Technical Consultant.

Hence, my primary goal is to get to know Fusion Middleware as a product and learn what can be done with it. Make no mistake, this cannot be learned in its entirety during two weeks, but I do hope to get a better understanding of Fusion Middleware, because it is going to be very important in the future, not only as a product at itself, but also very much in combination with Oracle E-Business Suite. I am currently involved in a project based on E-Business Suite 11i with parts of Fusion Middleware (BPEL) for integration. Also, E-Business Suite Release 12 is partly based on Fusion Middleware technology.

In the coming days I will try to give you a (more or less) day-by-day report of what I have learned/discovered. I do hope you will enjoy, and are looking forward to your comments.

PS: In the Netherlands it is 1:20am now. Here it is 18:20 so I am getting quite exhausted.



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