KSCOPE 2011: Keynote & Award Recognition

Marco Gralike

While the congrats are getting in via the usual virtual channels like Twitter and mail for being awarded the best speaker awards for the Database (Alex Nuijten) and Fusion Middleware (Luc Bors) tracks, I would like to mention that great Keynote session on Monday that was put together by the ODTUG Kaleidoscope board. The board created some hilarious movies while using these as a bridge to speak about the bit more serious topics like last years awards, “thank you”-s for the people out there that made it all work and for example the new location of Kaleidosope 2012. Via my YouTube channel you can see sketches of: “The Bachelorette”, “Big Brother” and others…

To give you a taste of what was shown:

Have fun and see us at Oracle Open World or at Kaleidoscope 2012

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