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In the next 6 to 12 months Knowledge Center Server Development & Programming Languages intends to deal with the themes listed below. The aim is to present at least a large part of those themes in various attractive ways such as presentations, work shops and discussions.

There is a list of roughly planned themes and presenters.

  • Query structure. Taken from the 7Up work shop, presented by Lucas Jellema.
  • Object-relational features, nested tables and bulk binding with varray’s in the Oracle database, presented by Alex Nuijten.
  • Working with the XDK – PL/SQL, presented by Anton Scheffer.
  • part 1 from the sequence “To boldly go where no data has gone before..”,, featuring External tables, presented by Leon van Tegelen.
  • New XSL-T and XPath features in version 2, presented by Harm Verschuren.
  • New Feature of the 10g Database: Regular Expressions, presented by Leon van Tegelen.
  • Materialized views (good ol’ snapshots) en query rewrite, presented by Ruud Bloemen.
  • Tuning the Oracle database (CBO & analytics, interpreting execution plans with tkprof, dbms_stats, etc), no presenter yet but scores high on the returned questionaires

There is a list of candidate themes in random order:

Members of KC SDPL are requested to return a list of their personal preferenced or favorite themes and a list of themes they are willing to present themselves or with collegues.

  • Object-relational possibillities of the Oracle database (rdbms
    8i, 9i, 10g). Sub themes:
    • Oracle Object features
    • nested tables & varrays (and bulk binding)
    • XML Developers Kit – PL/SQL
    • XML DB

  • Query- and database performance. Sub themes:
    • DBMS_profiler, dbms_utility (error stack calling & formatting)
    • Index design: index organized tables, function based, reversed,
      bitmap, B-tree
    • Hash clusters and index clusters
    • Corect usage of constraints (FK, NOT NULL)
    • Partitioning tables
    • Tuning: CBO & analytics, usage of dbms_stats, interpreting the execution plan and output generated by tkprof
    • Dynamic SQL – native and non-native ; bulk operaties, bind-parameters; returning collections etc.
    • 9i/10g new SQL en PL/SQL syntaxt (Model Clause, Connect By
      verbeteringen, Rollup, Cube, …)
    • Merge clause, insert when clause, …

  • “To boldy go where no data has gone before..”, or
    communication to the outside from within the Oracle database. Subthemes:
    • Advanced Queuing
    • Database links
    • Communication using utl_file, utl_http, utl_tcp, utl_mail (new feature 10g) and Java Stored Procedures O/S commands
    • Implementing Web Services using PL/SQL
    • External tables (9i+)
    • 10g Datapump (succesor of Import/Export)

  • OLAP themes:
    • Oracle OLAP, Analytical Workspace Manager
    • Warehouse Builder
    • Oracle Workflow
    • Data Mining

  • 10g Features.
    • Recycle bin
    • Workspaces
    • Regular Expressions
    • Expression Filters
    • Enterprise manager
    • dbms_scheduler
    • Oracle Data Cartridge: user defined aggregation, user defined domain indexes
    • 10g new SQL and PL/SQL syntaxt (Model Clause, Connect By improvements, Rollup, Cube, …)
    • Merge clause, insert when clause, …
    • timestamp data type

  • Loose ends:
    • Temporary Tables
    • Fine Grained Auditing and Changed Data Capture (advanced, embedded journalling)
    • Oracle Text
    • Oracle Streams
    • Oracle Spatial
    • Database Event Triggers (on connect etc.)
    • Table Function, Cast
    • Dbms_logmnr, Dbms_pipe, dbms_lock, Dbms_job, Dbms_meta
    • NLS (Unicode, UTF8)
    • Materialized views and query rewrite

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One thought on “KC SDPL planning

  1. Harm,

    I just thought of two more topics:
    – some of our database specialists are working on a project involving Data Guard and a stand-by database. Around end of november, this work should be ready for presentation in a KC meeting – and it seems very interesting!
    – “Cruising the Data Dictionary” : I just put up the Oracle 10g Data Dictionary poster (courtesy of CA) as well as the
    10g V$- Views poster (courtesy of TUSC) and I think we can enjoy ourselves for a night by navigating these and paying some attention to the really useful objects among them

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