KC Development Tools HTML DB evening report

Maurik-Jan Veenman

Thursday the 1st of December the Knowledge Centre Development Tools held an evening about HTML DB. There was quite some interest in this topic regarding the amount of registrations (26) of whom 4 from outside Amis. Using the tryout environment of Oracle (http://htmldb.oracle.com) itself, Patrick Sinke gave an impressive overview of this tool, showing how easy it is to build an application with HTML DB. In this overview he showed how to create an application containing a report and a screen, and how to adjust these to his preferences. After a good meal we were invited to practice ourselves. There were 8 systems logged in to the Oracle environment, and there was a step-by step description on how to build an application with screen and report ourselves. Then some instructions how to modify it. After that we of course went on to adjust it more, and create new master-detail screens. It cost Patrick and me quite some persuation to tear the people from the screens to the roundup of the evening, which is, of course, a very good sign! In the roundup the attendants saw good possibilities for prototyping sessions, small enquetes, reporting to management or departments. There was also a warning: don’t let these applications grow into big production applications, because one day you will walk against the limitations of the design choices made in the beginning of the little project. All and all it was an inspiring evening, and there was quite some enthousiasm for a more indepth session in 2006. To be continued…. 

Presentation (ppt): pres

Workshop (ppt): hands-on

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