JDeveloper 10.1.2 bug and release schedule html

JDeveloper 10.1.2 bug and release schedule

Recently I ran into a bug in JDeveloper 10.1.2 or actually in the ADF Business Components version supplied with it. Calling getAttributesNames() on a viewobject resulted in a nasty npe. After spending 20 minutes confirming it wasn’t some programming glitch I introduced I checked Google and the otn forums (Yes, in that order) and I found a forum entry where Steve Muench indeed aknowledged it is a 10.1.2 bug. The workaround I my case was quite easy , I made a small utitlity method mimicking the original getAttributeNames.

    public static String[] getAttributes(ViewObject vo) {
    AttributeDef[] defs =  vo.getAttributeDefs();
    String[] names = new String[defs.length ];
    for (int p = 0 ; p < defs.length ; p++) {
      names[p] =  defs[p].getName();
    return names;

As such this doesn’t really merit a post, the bug is not a biggie. But what has been bugging me for some time know is that I can’t get a grip on Oracles release schedule. For example, this bug when will it be fixed? Will there be any maintenance releases before the big 10.1.3 release? Speaking of 10.1.3, when will it come ( April, summer I’ve heard different rumours ). I don’t know. Neither do I know what will be actually in it. True there is a (very good) preview available, but for example ADF is not yet in it. Scanning different blogs and for example the developer poll on the Jdev home page you can get a global view.

But would’t it be nice if there were a dedicated page on OTN keeping us up to date on short term and long term release plans and dates. I would also like to see more frequent (for example monthly) maintenance releases. The 10.1.2 maintenance release contained over a 1000 bug fixes, but we had to wait a considerable time for them.


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