Issue LOV JHeadstart americas cup win 2682133k1

Issue LOV JHeadstart

JHeadstart version: (build 19) and probably
ADF UIX version: 2.2.16
JDeveloper version:

After launching a LOV and selecting a value from it, the lookup values are not displayed in the base record. This holds true only for UIX and works fine in JSP.

1. Take three tables (EOs): A, B, and C; where A and B are both parents of C (for example an intersection table).
2. Add lookup attributes from A to the VO of C (according to section Generating List of Values in chap 3 of JHeadstart 10g for ADF Developer’s Guide).
3. Next, define a simple ADF BC application module involving a single view B and a master-detail relationship between A and C.
4. Also adjust the JHS structure file (also according to the Dev Guide), in order to define the LOV on the lookup display attribute and to hide the non-meaningful key from the UI.
5. Generate UIX and run.
6. Navigate to details and insert new row, launch LOV, select value, LOV disappears and values are not displayed in detail record.

This looks like a bug because when the view-controller tier is generated in JSP, the LOV works great. I have created and uploaded a reproducable case based on the HR schema. This involves employee detail object that has a job (parent1) and a department (parent2) . The test case can be downloaded here.
Note that the issue described above does not occur in case of a single master-detail relationship. A test case that consists of a location detail object that has a country parent object, worked fine as regards to this LOV issue (both in JSP and UIX).

The issue is reported on Oracle OTN JHeadstart Discussion Forum.