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IPv6 support for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and R12

Today I stumbled on a blog post of Steven Chan, Sr. Director, Oracle Applications Technology Integration at Oracle.

His blog post announces the support for IPv6 for E-Business Suite release 11i and 12.

There have been numerous rumors going around about the IPv4 addresses becoming exhausted in the near future. IPv6 will address this issue amongs others.

The E-Business Suites (11i and R12) are now IPv6 compliant. This means that it is possible to have IPv6 traffic outside the E-Business Suite. an IPv6 to IPv4 reverse proxy architecture takes the IPv6 communication and uses IPv4 to communicate with the E-Business Suite.

Prerequisites for this compliancy are (taken from Metalink Note 567015.1)

  • E-Business Suites must be able to use a reverse proxy (see MetaLink
    Note 287176.1
    for instructions on 11i, R12 doesn’t need additional work on this);
  • Web browsers should be using Sun
    Plug-in version 1.5 or later to communicate with E-Business Suite (see MetaLink
    Note 290807.1
    for 11i or MetaLink
    Note 393931.1
    for R12);
  • Client-server applications must be served from an
    IPv6-compliant desktop server (see MetaLink
    for instructions.

More information can be found on Steven Chan’s weblog and Metalink Note 567015.1