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invalid oraInventory in Oracle e-Business Suite

When running the http (CPU April 2007) patch on the Oracle EBS 11.5.9, I received some errors…It seemed the oraInventory was not valid, at least the http entry was missing.
The oraInventory that was incomplete was the global oraInventory. I noticed that the local oraInventory in the $IAS_HOME was complete, but running the patch with this oraInventory did not work. Something about the oraInventory…
In the file oraInst.loc (usually in the /var/opt/oracle directory), the location of the global oraInventory is shown. In the global oraInventory you find the installed ORACLE_HOMES and in the ORACLE_HOME you find the local oraInventory for that ORACLE_HOME.
I find out n Metalink that the global oraInventory can be restored if the local oraInventory is valid.
The perl script in the $ORACLE_HOME/appsoui/setup (IAS_HOME) directory can be used to recreate the global oraInventory.
After recreating the global oraInventory the http patch was successfully applied.