HOTSOS 2008 hotsos2008

The new year has started and one of the most important Oracle performance conferences is about to start. The Hotsos 2008 Symposium will be held again, almost traditionally now, in Las Colinas, Dallas, Texas. This year 3 AMIS colleagues, Gerwin, Patrick and I, will be attending this performance dedicated hotspot, from the second until the sixt of March. This years keynote speaker is Cary Millsap himself and I guess that I will really enjoy Thomas Kyte’s training day.

This year will be a special treat for my two colleagues, because Patrick, as one of my fresh new promising colleagues, will experience his first Hotsos event; Gerwin will have to do his best regarding his first attendance on Hotsos as a presenter. Gerwin was granted a presentation spot and accepted this honor with pleasure.

If I look at this year speakers list, then I will have trouble to decide what presentations to choose.  If I check the list, I can only expect the best, so choices will be very hard to make. Neil Gunther really impressed me on Hotsos 2007, so this will be a non-issue for me. The same goes for Tapio, discussing his method on maximizing access via “Tapio Indexes” (a term Anjo Kolk introduced to me and I can’t get out of my head). My colleague Gerwin’s presentation will be also on the list, not only because for mental support (something you probably can’t do without: being a seasoned presenter or not…), but also because of the interesting content that I will experience in Dallas, in its full content for the first time, during Hotsos 2008.

The three of us will also attend the Thomas Kyte training day. But in all, besides those four, its just to much candy to choose from. Our customers will benefit from it and, since last years attendance, I know that one thing is sure, we will learn a lot and meeting those old and new friends will also be a treat.