Hiding the Web.show_document URL 20188367001

Hiding the Web.show_document URL

Last week I delivered a Forms module which invoked the Oracle Reports server by submitting report requests displaying the report on the screen using the Web.Show_document procedure. One thing that I was always been surprised about was the fact that when the document is displayed the complete URL is displayed in the address bar of the new window. This will make the Url of the reports server public to anybody running a report. How can you resolve this was my question

So I had a look at the internet and found the answer. The following link gave me the answer. And it is easier than I expected . Making use of Java script will enable you to manipulate the way your document window is opened and displayed. Normally you would issue the call:
Web.show_document(‘the url’,’_blank’);

By issueing the following command:

Now you will get the document without displaying the titlebar,toolbar,location and menubar resulting into a non disclose of your reports server URL.




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