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DB utilities – splitting generated DDL scripts

Have you ever tried to split the DDL scripts generated by Designer? Pretty tough, isn’t it? Well, I have a nice solution for you: the Perl script sql_split.pl splits the input DDL script(s) as if you had chosen to generate just one object in Designer. For example: if you generate all objects in your application system to cdsddl scripts, Designer generates cdsddl.tab, cdsddl.pks, cdsddl.ind, etc. Now the command:

perl sql_split.pl cdsddl.*

generates the following files:

  • TABLE1.tab, TABLE2.tab, …
  • PACKAGE1.pks, PACKAGE2.pks, …
  • TABLE1.ind, TABLE2.ind, …

Conclusion: the sql_split.pl utility enhances installation, version control and release management of DDL scripts. Due to the fine grained nature of the splitted scripts it is also possible to partially install an application.

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