Congratulations to AMIS, 10 years of blogging congratulationa AMIS Blog

Congratulations to AMIS, 10 years of blogging

10 year anniversary AMIS Technology blog – Congratulations from around the world

Frank Nimphius

Oracle, Senior Principal Product Manager
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“ For many Oracle Fusion Middleware, SOA and ADF developers the AMIS blog probably is what they grew up with. In the 10 years of its existence, I did find excellent content shared with the community but also noticed the blog to develop itself from publishing pure technical content, help and hints to a colourful bulletin board releasing in depth reports about user conferences, product features, industry and technical trends, as well as customer events AMIS runs as part of their own community work. A blog can make a difference if used for more than a library of technical articles. Happy anniversary to the AMIS blog! “

“ The AMIS Technology Blog continues to impress me as a platform to turn to for sources of innovation and inspiration.
If you want to see where enterprise-grade software technology is going, what direction to point your technology career for the future, and learn some impressive capabilities are of Fusion Middleware – read this blog. “

Misha Vaughan
Oracle, Director, Communications & Outreach, Applications User Experiences
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Jürgen Kress
Oracle, Fusion Middleware Partner Adoption EMEA (Germany)
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“Special THANKS from the whole Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community to the AMIS team for sharing the excellent middleware content at their blog the last 10 years! All the best practice and tips, tricks and hints helped us to grow the middleware business together and make our joint customer successful. AMIS is one of your key middleware partners with Middleware Specializations in ADF, WebLogic, Application Grid, Suite Suite and BPM Suite. We acknowledged the AMIS contribution with the EMEA SOA Partner Community Award 2014. Looking forward to many more successful joint middleware projects”
“I want to congratulate AMIS for 10th anniversary of the AMIS Technology Blog. AMIS technology blog really helps me a lot. Many times when I get stuck with issues (related to Oracle ADF or Oracle SOA) and I look for the solution on the internet, 80% of the times I found the solution on AMIS Blog. Among all the suggestions given by google, my first choice is AMIS Technology Blog; because the explanation of the solution is easy to understand and coincidently it is closely related to the problem that I had faced during development. I am also using AMIS Technology blog for learning about new topics. The topics explanation includes code snippet, screen prints, pictorial representation etc. that helps me to understand. I want to thank all authors of the blog and my request to all of you is that you keep sharing your knowledge. “Anshul Jaiswalimage
Senior Oracle ADF Consultant, YASH Technologies (India)
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Duncan Mills

Sr. Director of Product Management for Development Tools, Oracle UK
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“As users of technology, the internet, and specifically the blogosphere provides such a fantastic resource. Gone are the days of wading through vendor manuals for solutions, now everything is at your fingertips. The problem is that we then hit another challenge; one of trust, competence and validity. To borrow from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – it (the blogosphere) has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate. This is a big issue.
The AMIS technology blog though, over the years, has always been a go-to source we can trust. I know that any article posted here will have been well researched and well written. If a mistake is made, or the technologies change, you know it will be fixed rather than sitting as landmine to catch out future generations of developers. It’s this level of trustworthiness and technical expertise, coupled with a bunch of really nice people telling interesting stories about solving real problems, that keeps the AMIS blog in my feed and why it should be in yours.
Here’s to the next 10 years of knowledge sharing!
“I have always enjoyed reading the AMIS blog, since it is such a great combination of a deep understanding of Oracle technology and unflagging enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge and enjoying what they can do with Oracle’s new features. Keep it up, AMIS! “Steven Feuerstein
PL/SQL Evangelist and Architect,
Oracle USA
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Chris Muir

Oracle ADF Product Manager, Australia
 “Going back in time, from being an Oracle Product Manager today, once an Oracle ACE Director, much longer ago just a plain old blogger on Oracle technologies, and even further back in 2006 just a reader of Oracle blogs by other authors, I remember the yardstick that all Oracle technology blogs were rated by was the AMIS blog. The quality and frequency of articles, the insight and vision into Oracle technologies was at such a high level that it was something to regularly read & aspire too.
Then through today AMIS has continued this tradition to create a global brand that is well recognized and respected amongst the wider Oracle community. I think many would also agree it’s inspiring that this was given to the community with no thought of profit, but to build and help the community at large.
Congratulations to AMIS and the team for 10 years blogging.”
“The AMIS blog has consistently provided valuable technical content for Oracle ADF and Fusion developers. Going beyond the basic introduction level, the blog entries are usually covering the more advanced topics with deep dive and code samples. It’s great to see the guys contributing to growing the Oracle community in this way.”Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management, Oracle USA @jdevshay
Torsten Winterbergimage
ACE Director
Opitz Consulting, Germany
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“When looking for topics in the Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) space or trying to solve some wired problems then googling leads extremely often to the AMIS blog. In my company we put your blog on the “must read” list of every new developer starting business in the Oracle world. We like the AMIS blog so much, that we started our own small version trying wo walk in its excellent footsteps.
( We, like AMIS, believe in sharing knowledge to the extreme to make our Oracle world much better.”
“The AMIS Technology Blog is one of my favourite resources when searching for solutions to problems I face in my daily work, or just for following up on what’s happening in the Oracle/Java technology space. I find the Blog articles very well written and always to the point! Whenever I have trouble understanding some aspect of a given technology or feature, I tend to search the AMIS Blog first. Mostly I find what I’m looking for, and typically the Blog articles are accompanied by small a downloadable example that really helps in understanding the subject!The AMIS Technology Blog is always one of the first to give in-depth descriptions on newly released products/versions, and sometimes even before they are released, due to AMIS’s close collaboration with Oracle Corp.
Keep up the good work; it’s an invaluable contribution to the whole community around Oracle/Java technology!!”
 Torben Lorentzen
imageSoftware Development Engineer,
TIA Technology, Denmark

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Leon Dorfling

Sr. Analyst Programmer & ADF Specialist
Pepkor IT, South AfricaLinkedIn Profile
“AMIS is, for me, synonymous with great Oracle and Java articles. Their blog has over the last 10 years become the standard when researching and requiring assistance with technology trends and best practices.
The blog contains well written articles that caters from the newbie to the seasoned technologist. Through this blog they have managed to provide a wonderful service to the Oracle and Java community. It is in my opinion that this blog will grow and remain the de facto for one stop technology research”
“Congratulations to AMIS Technology Blog!
The AMIS Technology Blog is a MUST blog for Oracle developers: the content is wide (Java, SOA Suite, ADF, SQL, …) and the quality is super high.”
Heli Helskyaho
CEO, Miracle Finland
Oracle ACE Director
President, Oracle User Group FinlandLinkedIn Profile
Yiannis Tsesmelisimage
Software Solutions Architect
Professional Computer Services, GreeceLinkedIN Profile
“For many years now, the AMIS Blog stands out as one of our most valuable resources of quality information and news on a broad range of Oracle technologies.
The AMIS blog articles are significantly more than technical blog entries, as they reflect the passion of the writers for R&D, innovation and technology, generously sharing their findings, knowledge and ideas to the community.
In many cases they didn’t merely help us in understanding the technology but they opened up a brand new perspective for developing software.
Many thanks for every time we have received advice and ideas from the AMIS blog and we at PCS, are looking forward to new inspiration in the decades to come.”
“The AMIS Blog with his technical articles, insights on new product releases and descriptions of events (OOW,ODTUG) has contributed immensely in learning the technology ORACLE among my colleagues and me.

I would like emphasize two key features of the AMIS posts:
Firstly, it constantly grows: For 10 years AMIS has published articles about versions 10,11 and 12 of many ORACLE products. I mean, its authors grow with technology offering valuable perspectives on the benefits of the last updates.
Secondly. its technical articles combine various technologies. Either to show product integration (ADF / BPM / SOA) or product comparisons (APEX / ADF) his posts are very useful when we evaluate technologies
For these reasons, the AMIS blog is part of my baseline readings for my projects.
Congratulations AMIS for your 10 years and many thanks for contributing to our professional growth.”

Plinio Arbizu

Oracle ACE Director
Senior Consultant at S&P Solutions, Mexico.
Oracle User Group Leader of ORAMEX (OUG Mexico)
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Markus Eisele

Oracle ACE Director FMW&SOA, Java Champion<

 “The AMIS Technology Blog is my number one resource, when it comes to Oracle Middleware Topics. The tremendous effort, passion and precision packed into every single contribution is a guarantee for both an entertaining read AND the most accurate information on the covered topics. Thank you AMIS team for 10 years of successful blogging! Keep it coming!”
“I started to work with Oracle ADF in the mid 2000s. The AMIS Technology Blog has been among my most frequently used bookmarks ever since. Few websites outside Oracle offer so much in-depth content about ADF and other components of Fusion Middleware. The blog’s contributors are passionate about what they do, and obviously love to share their knowledge with others. Thanks for everything, AMIS, and congratulations on this important milestone. I am looking forward to read you for many years to come!”Frédéric Desbiens

Principal Product Manager
Mobility and Development Tools
Oracle Corporation, Canada
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Erdenebayar Erdenebileg

CTO, Interactive LLC , Mongolia ( Profile
“It was a great history. Our company tried to start with Oracle technology from 2010 for software development and enterprise application integration. In this time, we faced many new requirements and issues with Oracle Service Bus, Oracle JDeveloper and some other Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies. And we found almost all answers on the AMIS Blog, that is celebrating 10th Anniversary.
I attended and visited Oracle JDeveloper/ADF training and coaching course at AMIS in The Netherlands, a very long distance from my country and learned lots of things than well informed we decided to use these technologies for software development.
I would like to wish all the best for AMIS and its blog, continue the valuable articles.”
“Happy Birthday AMIS Technology Blog! Congratulation to the whole AMIS team for 10 years of successful blogging!
When I started working with Fusion Middleware and Oracle SOA Suite, the AMIS blog was the only valuable resource besides the documentation. Already then, the quality and the richness of the content was exceptional. So often a search on Google leads to a well researched, well written article on the AMIS blog, which really helps in understanding and using the products and the technology. Over the years the content as well as the number of authors were constantly growing, keeping up the quality of the material. I’m sure that the AMIS blog was the inspiration for many of the blogs around today; it definitely was for me and the Trivadis blog!
Keep up the excellent work! Looking forward for the next 10 years!
Guido Schmutz
Oracle ACE Director
Trivadis, Switerzerland
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Simone Geib

Director Product Management SOA Suite, Oracle USA
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 “The AMIS Technology blog is an extremely valuable source for our customers and partners alike, educating about Oracle SOA Suite features or specific use cases. I can always be sure that they are well researched and never hesitate promoting them.
Even though my expectations are meanwhile very high, I was still amazed on the day we released Oracle SOA Suite 12c when the AMIS team set the twitter world abuzz. They had prepared 25 excellent posts that they published in 3 hours intervals, describing the new features in the suite in a succinct and entertaining way that even impressed our engineering team.
Here is to another 10 successful years of this amazing blog.”
“From my earliest beginnings in the Oracle world I have been a big follower of the AMIS blog and technical team. Often looking to them as the first line of support when stuck on a technical challenge. Its unique mix of deeply technical posts alongside high level product overviews makes it the go-to resource for Oracle beginners and experts alike.
On a personal note, the AMIS technology blog is a resource that I personally looked to for inspiration, technical guidance and a view on the next trend / technology in the Oracle world on my route to becoming an Oracle ACE Director.
Happy 10th birthday and as we say, may you see 100 more.
Mia Urman
CEO, AuraPlayer Oracle ACE Director Middleware, Oracle Forms, Mobile, ADF/Java
Director, ODTUG User Group

Victoria Lira
Sr. Director of Community Programs,
Coordinator Oracle ACE Program, Oracle USA
@oracleace “The AMIS Technology blog has proven to be an invaluable resource in the Oracle community.  They have their finger on the pulse of what the community is really interested in and consistently deliver targeted and relevant content.  Congratulations to AMIS!”

“10 years AMIS blog, time flies. At first, it was mostly Lucas Jellema that published the blog posts. He is the only person I know that writes (and publishes) faster than he speaks. I don’t know how many jokes we have made about that over the years but one thing is for sure, he is a very gifted writer. I am still jealous of his ornate writing style, it is one of the things that distinguish his blog posts from most other technology blogs.
Lucas has clearly been a great motivator and inspirer for the other AMIS employees, as the blog posts of other AMIS contributors now certainly outnumber his contributions. I believe it probably is the best Oracle-related technical blog in the world (after our own Oracle A-team blog of course :-)). So Congratulations AMIS with this milestone, and keep up the good work!”
Steven Davelaar

Consulting Solutions Architect
Oracle Fusion Middleware Architects Team (“The A-team”)
Oracle, The Netherlands
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Sandor Nieuwenhuijs
Technical Director, Oracle Technology Sales, The Netherlands
Today there are so many excellent Oracle-related blogs to choose from, where experts in all areas share their thoughts and experiences with the community. From that endless list there are only a handful that really stand out and provide true value. The Amis Technology blog for me is clearly the winner, one of the few that I regularly visit, and I know from various people in the field Is highly regarded and valued. It distinguishes itself from the others by providing true, proven knowledge from the real world, over a broad spectrum of (Oracle related) technologies, with contribution from many experts, often Oracle Ace or even Ace Directors, that live and breathe this technology day in – day out. And that shows. As one of the few companies, Amis has seen that sharing information and thus building a community creates a win-win situation, instead of hiding this knowledge as a means of protectionism.
Congratulations, Amis, but especially all the contributors, on this Anniversary! I believe the next 10 years you will provide even more value to the community!



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