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Publications written in 2000

NameInterior Designer 6idateFri, 28 Apr 2000
This paper was written for the ODTUG 2000 Conference. The author was still working for Oracle Corporation at that time.

The Oracle Repository infrastructure that comes with Designer 6i allows for comprehensive Software Configuration Management (SCM). Effective and successful use of these SCM capabilities starts with a proper design and set up of the environment structure, both inside and around the Repository. This paper is targeted at people who have seen initial presentations, demonstrations and white papers on the Repository functionality, and are now at a point where they want to start using it for real. Ideally they have the software installed and ready to use.

The paper is divided in two sections:

The first explains some of the key concepts for designing the Repository structure, such as Object and Version, Folder, Workarea, Shortcut and Folder Mapping in a fair amount of detail. Some prior knowledge of these concepts is assumed. The second part applies the concepts outlined in the first section and lists the steps you will have to go through in order to design and set up the initial structure of the repository, to have it meet specific organizational needs and requirements. Download



NameRuleSLang – a pragmatic approach to a Business Rule Specification LanguagedateFri, 23 Jun 2000
This paper was prepared for the ODTUG 2000 Conference (while the author was will still working with Oracle Corporation)

An overview of the CDM RuleFrame approach to analysis of Business Rules and an introduction to a possible method for “formally'” specifying Business Rules and using this formal specification for code generation and automated testing. This presentation was created by Lucas Jellema, the original architect of CDM RuleFrame.